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Tips for a Pest Free Home

Adult Mosquito emerging from water in a stagnant pond with larvae and pupae.

How to Reduce Mosquito Breeding Grounds

You’re well aware of the nuisance mosquitoes present, especially during warmer months. To tackle this, you need to start by addressing the root of the problem: stagnant water. It’s important to regularly check and drain any items that hold water in your yard, such as plant saucers, bird baths, and clogged rain gutters. But, have you considered the less obvious culprits or the more essential solutions that could keep these pests at bay? Let’s explore

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diy vs professional pest control
Pest Prevention

Are Pest Control Services Worth It? Professional Vs DIY Solutions

If you’ve ever dealt with a persistent termite infestation, you know the frustration and damage these pests can cause. Now, when it comes to deciding between professional pest control services and the DIY route, you may be weighing various factors. Consider the effectiveness of long-term solutions, potential health risks, and the overall impact on your home environment. Your decision could shape the future of your home’s well-being and your peace of mind. How Expensive Are

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What Kills Ants Instantly?

At Candor Pest Control in Boise, Idaho, we recognize the urgency of dealing with ant infestations swiftly and effectively. When it comes to what kills ants instantly, our team employs advanced techniques and powerful solutions that target these pests at their core. From innovative power spraying technology to tried-and-tested methods like borax and essential oils, we have a range of strategies to combat ant problems efficiently. Stay tuned to discover the secrets behind our instant

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Cockroach died on white floor

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly

In our quest to find effective solutions for cockroach infestations, we’ve discovered several methods that can kill these pests instantly. From potent insecticides that disrupt their nervous systems to natural remedies like diatomaceous earth, which compromises their exoskeletons, the options are varied. We’ve also explored the strategic use of baits and gels that contain fast-acting chemicals, offering immediate results. However, while these methods provide quick relief, it’s essential to understand the implications and safety measures

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how to get rid of rats in walls and ceiling

How to Gid Rid of Rats in Your Walls and Ceiling

Discovering that you’ve got a rat infestation in your walls or ceiling is enough to make any homeowner seek help. Rats are clever at finding their way into the hidden nooks of buildings, making them rather tricky to fully get rid of, and they can pose serious health risks or even cause structural damage to your home. In this post, we’ll cover some effective strategies to get rid of rats in your walls and ceiling.

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what smells do mice hate

What Smells Do Mice Hate? Scents That Deter Mice

Mice may seem charming at first glance, but once they invade our homes they quickly become an annoying problem. Not only can mice chew through wires and spoil food; they can also leave droppings that present health risks. One effective method to deter mice without resorting to harsh measures involves using scents they find repulsive; in this article we’ll look at various scents which repel mice naturally and humanely – from peppermint to cloves; discover

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How long do ants live?

How Long Do Ants Live?

Ants are one of the most ubiquitous insects around. From our kitchens and gardens to backyards, these tiny pests can often be seen everywhere from kitchen cabinets and gardens to backyards. Many individuals may not realize the lifespans for various ant species can differ drastically; therefore this post will explore lifespans specifically related to various species of ants for this topic. Lifespan of an ant can vary significantly based upon species and role within a

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Dumpsters being full with garbage in a city. Dumpsters being full with garbage
Pest Prevention

What Should You Do to Prevent a Pest Infestation of an Outdoor Dumpster?

Outdoor dumpsters are essential for waste management but can also become major attractants for pests if not properly maintained. Whether it’s rodents, insects, or other vermin, the presence of pests can pose significant health and safety risks, particularly in environments associated with food handling and disposal. This article explores practical steps and preventive measures to ensure your outdoor dumpster remains free from pest infestations, with special consideration for food safety and hygiene. The Risks of

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what animals eat mosquitoes?

What Animals Eat Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are carriers of some of the most deadly diseases we’ve seen on planet Earth. When you combine this with their itchy, blood-sucking bites, you’ve created a pest that’s a real nuisance to the public. There are lots of chemical and mechanical methods we’ve developed as a society to keep mosquito populations in check, but Mother Nature has provided us with some rather efficient mosquito hunters in the natural ecosystem. We’re aiming to help you

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how to get rid of mosquitoes

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance; they’re a concern for homeowners everywhere, especially here in the suburbs of Boise. Not only do they disrupt our outdoor enjoyment, but they can also pose health risks. Fortunately, there are effective strategies to keep these pesky insects at bay. Candor Pest Control is here to guide you through the steps to maintain a mosquito-free home. Understanding Mosquitoes What Do Mosquitoes Eat? Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do

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