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Bed Bug Control in Boise, ID

Bed Bug control in Boise, ID is just as important now as it’s ever been. Bed bugs have made a significant comeback in local homes, hotels, and apartments all across Boise.

Being tiny, nocturnal pests, bed bugs are exceptionally good at hiding in cracks and crevices, which makes them a particularly challenging pest to detect and eradicate. They thrive on human blood, and they leave behind itchy red bites causing discomfort and many sleepless nights.

When you recognize the early signs of a bed bug infestation like blood spots on your sheets or itchy bites when you wake up, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local bed bug control experts at Candor Pest Control for a FREE bed bug inspection before it gets out of hand.

Why Choose Candor Pest Control for Boise Bed Bug Control?

Choosing Candor Pest Control for Boise bed bug control means choosing local experts that have your well-being at the forefront of their service. Being local members of your community, our Boise bed bug exterminators offer you freedom from these pests with unmatched customer service.

As the premier choice for local bed bug control experts, we are committed to providing our community with a comprehensive approach to bed bug control and extermination. Call today for a FREE bed bug inspection, and we’ll have you set up with a customized Boise bed bug treatment plan that provides long-lasting protection!

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Boise Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bug infestations in Boise are not uncommon, especially in recent years, and there’s a general lack of public awareness about the various methods to prevent bed bug infestations in homes, hotels, apartments, and even public transportation. The surge in the bed bug population can be attributed to travel and their growing resistance to traditional pesticides as well. They’re very good hitchhikers, so they easily move from place to place in public spaces.

A Boise bed bug infestation can manifest more than just physical discomfort from bites. The presence of these pests in your space is likely to lead into some significant stress and a loss of quality sleep. Early detection and intervention from bed bug control professionals is incredibly important in managing your bed bugs effectively. Call today for a FREE inspection, and you’ll receive the best possible treatment plan from your local experts at Candor Pest Control!

Idaho's Native Bed Bugs

Boise Idaho Common Bed Bug Control

Common Bed Bug

(Cimex lectularius)

  • Brown, but reddish-brown after feeding
  • Roughly 4 to 5 mm long as adults
  • Oval and flattened from top to bottom
  • Nocturnal

The common bed bug is a pest dependent on human blood to survive. Because of their tiny body and flattened shape, it’s easy for them to squeeze into the narrowest of spaces, which makes them hard to locate and eradicate. If they get hungry enough, they may even come out during the day. Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases, but they can cause a lot of psychological distress and will certainly cause some sleepless nights.

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