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Boise stinging insect control service

Stinging Insect & Wasp Control in Boise, ID

Stinging insect & wasp control in Boise, ID is consistently a necessity for local home and business owners because having stinging insects like wasps, hornets, and bees around your property can become more than a simple nuisance.

The painful stings from Boise’s stinging insect population can even trigger allergic reactions, and these pests often have potential for aggressive behavior neat their nests, which are located in your back yard.

Because of this, it’s important to have effective stinging insect and wasp control services in Boise, ID at the ready to return safety and peace of mind to your home, business, and family. At Candor Pest Control, we’ve emerged onto the scene as Boise’s premier solution for comprehensive stinging insect control services.

Why Choose Candor Pest Control for Boise Stinging Insect & Wasp Control

Choosing Candor Pest Control for stinging insect and wasp control in Boise means having expert local partners in pest control. As we’ve emerged onto the scene as Boise’s premier stinging insect control team, we have extensive knowledge of the local stinging insect species and their behaviors.

Our approach to pest control in general is one that puts your home, business, and family first. We’re obsessed with service and create customized pest control strategies to address the specific needs of your property. Even better, we remain dedicated to eco-friendly pest solutions with a customer-satisfaction guarantee. Call today for a FREE quote and same-day service from your local stinging insect control experts at Candor Pest Control!

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Boise Stinging Insect Infestations

Our surrounding environment in Boise is home to a diverse population of stinging insects. Generally, wasp and hornet infestations are the things we see most often in our local stinging insect control efforts. The primary concern, of course, with these pests being their aggressive nature and their likelihood to build nests that are close to our everyday activities.

Even worse, if you’ve got a wasp or hornet infestation, these insects can be very defensive inflicting stings that are painful and can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

If you’re facing a Boise stinging insect infestation of any kind, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local experts at Candor Pest Control to get a FREE inspection and return peace of mind to your home.

Idaho's Native Stinging Insects

Boise Idaho Yellowjacket Pest Control


(Vespula spp. & Dolichovespula spp.)

  • Black with yellow markings
  • Generally nests underground or in hollows, but some will build aerial nests
  • Usually aggressive, especially near their nests
  • Their attraction to proteins and sweet foods often make them uninvited guests at your outdoor parties.

Yellowjackets are aggressive stinging insects that are very commonly encountered here in Idaho. Their distinctive markings make them easily identifiable along with their tendency to join your backyard barbecue uninvited. With these pests, you face a significant risk of stings.

Idaho Paper Wasp Pest Control

Paper Wasp

(Polistes spp.)

  • Brown with yellow or red markings
  • Open, umbrell-shaped nests, often found hanging from eaves and branches
  • Considered less aggressive than yellowjackets, but they can sting repeatedly.

Paper wasps are best identified by their slender bodies and long legs, in addition to their brown coloration and yellow or red markings. Their nests are paper-like and generally can be found hanging from high places. Paper wasps are generally less aggressive than yellowjackets, but more commonly build their nests around people.

Idaho Bald-Faced Hornet Pest Control

Bald-Faced Hornet

(Dolichovespula maculata)

  • Black with white markings on the face and body
  • Large, football-shaped nests, mostly in trees or on the sides of buildings.
  • Very protective of their nests and have the ability to be aggressive
  • Despite the name, they are a type of yellowjacket

Despite being called a bald-faced hornet, these pests are actually a type of yellowjacket that can be best identified by their large size and striking markings. They are very protective of their nests and are very capable of aggressive behavior if they perceive a threat.

Idaho Mud Dauber Pest Control

Mud Daubers

(Various species)

  • Black or metallic blue, sometimes with yellow markings
  • Long, tube-shaped nests often attached to walls, eaves, or under bridges.
  • They prey on spiders, and rarely sting humans unless directly handled.

Mud daubers are generally solitary wasps and are distinguishable by their narrow waists, in addition to their black or metallic blue bodies. Their nests are uniquely tube-shaped and made of mud on vertical surfaces like walls or eaves. They are beneficial because they feed on spiders, and generally are not aggressive towards humans. They certainly can, however, sting if mishandled.

Idaho Honeybee Pest Control


(Apis mellifera)

  • Golden-yellow with darker bands
  • Large, waxy hives, often in tree cavities or man-made structures
  • Generally harmless unless their hive is threatened, pollinators can only sting once before dying

Honeybees play a vital role in the ecosystem because of their pollination efforts. They have a distinctive golden-yellow and darker brown banding. Normally, they’re docile and only will sting in defense of their hive, and they pay the ultimate price for it. Their barbed stinger gets stuck in your skin and ruins their bodies. 

Idaho Bumblebee Pest Control


(Bombus spp.)

  • Black with yellow (sometimes orange) markings
  • Colonies are small and in the ground or in cavaties using existing materials like grass or insulation for nests.
  • Generally not aggressive, will only sting if provoked.

Bumblebees are the large, fuzzy kind and are more identifiable by their robust bodies and black and yellow markings. They make their nests in the ground in small colonies, and play a vital role in pollination with a special technique called “buzz pollination”.  They’re not considered aggressive stinging insects, but they will sting if directly provoked.

Idaho Carpenter Bee Pest Control

Carpenter Bee

(Xylocopa spp.)

  • Black, often with a shiny abdomen
  • Their “nests” are tunnels created in wood, which can damage structures
  • Their males cannot sting, and females rarely do unless provoked

Carpenter bees have a rather stout body for a stinging insects, similar to bumblebees, but their abdomen is shiny and smooth. Unlike other bees, carpenter bees are solitary and burr into wood to lay their eggs. This behavior can lead to structure damage over time. Males are actually territorial, but they don’t have stingers. The females, however, do have stingers but usually will not sting unless provoked.

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